Total Glass – semi-frameless shower screens Newcastle

A semi-frameless shower screen can create that ultra modern minimalist look for bathrooms that do not suit a frameless shower screen.

Semi-frameless are also friendlier on the wallet. You get all the style without the large price tag.

There are many options available for a semi-frameless shower screen. It can be hard to know what best suits your needs.

We can help you create a sensational looking bathroom that meets currents building codes.

We pride ourselves on providing shower screens that will look great for a long time and be very functional.

Benefits of a semi-frameless shower screen

  • create more space and light in your bathroom
  • more hygienic as dirt and grime is not caught in a frame around the bottom
  • easier to clean
  • ensures the eye is drawn to other design features in the bathroom
  • or it can be a design feature by using frosted, etched or coloured glass
  • choice of door openings
  • can fit into odd shapes – great for renovating older homes where the walls might not be square
  • they can be floor mounted or custom made without
  • a cheaper great looking alternative to a frameless shower screen

We supply Bradnam’s Nood Shower Screens

  • features 10mm safety glass for superior strength and security
  • finely crafted fittings and hardware – made from plated solid brass or stainless steel
  • concealed fixings – no visible pop rivets or screws that are seen on traditional shower screens
  • available in a range of different configurations

Read more about Bradnam’s shower screens here.

Total Glass – our guarantee to you

We provide you with a 2 year guarantee with all our work – you will need to keep the tax invoice we provide you as proof of purchase date.

This guarantee covers our work and the products we install.

Bradnam’s glass products that we supply come with a 7 year guarantee.

INVISI-Gard products that we supply come with a 10 year guarantee.

If required we can provide you with a Certificate of Compliance to show our work complies with Australian Standards AS1288/2006.

We guarantee that all our work is fully compliant with this standard.

When we install new glass we ensure that it complies with the Australian Standard AS1288/2006 and with the current Building Code Australia (BCA).

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