Total Glass repairs, supplies and installs commercial bifold doors

Bifold are designed to slide back to one position to provide a clear opening for shop fronts, restaurants and other commercial premises.

Commercial bifold doors come with heavy duty hardware to match the style and use requirements and ensure smooth operation. They can be fully framed or completely frameless. They

Commercial bifold doors are excellent for when you need an unobstructed views or access of your merchandise or business.

Total Glass is able to construct bifold doors with up to 6 panels.  When the bifold doors are fully opened the panels stack neatly to one side. There are a range of options available and our many years of experiences ensures we provide the best advice on a solution for you.

Benefits and features of bifold doors for commercial properties

  • offers a wide opening – great for high traffic businesses such as shops or restaurants
  • doors stack to one side leaving a clear view
  • offers easy access
  • allows more light to shine on your products
  • improves air flow – can reduce the need to air-conditioning in summer
  • modern and contemporary look
  • great for businesses where doors are used every day and require a heavy duty design
  • Ability to swing in, swing out, stack to one side or both sides
  • Concealed locking system for a clean, contemporary look
  • Access panel has a 4 point locking system for superior security
  • Unique roller adjustment feature for smooth, trouble free operation
  • Single entry door access available

We supply Bradman Bifold Doors

Bifold doors are moving glass walls that can open up some or all of a room to the outdoors or to other parts of a building. A choice of left or right opening directions allows the selection of a layout to suit any commercial situation.

Total Glass – our guarantee to you

We provide you with a 2 year guarantee with all our work – you will need to keep the tax invoice we provide you as proof of purchase date.

This guarantee covers our work and the products we install.

Bradnam’s glass products that we supply come with a 7 year guarantee. Bradnam’s products are proudly made by Australians in Australia and designed specifically to meet all Australian conditions.

INVISI-Gard products that we supply come with a 10 year guarantee. When installed correctly by a Licensed Dealer, INVISI-GARD meets all of the requirements for Security Doors and Windows as determined by Australian Standards, these being AS5039, AS5040 and AS5041.

If required we can provide you with a Certificate of Compliance to demonstrate that our work complies with Australian Standards AS1288/2006. We guarantee that all our work is fully compliant with this standard.

When we install new glass we ensure that it complies with the Australian Standard AS1288/2006 and with the current Building Code Australia (BCA).

Call Total Glass 0437 515 324 today if you need to replace or repair your commercial bi fold doors or would like to have them installed.