Total Glass repairs, supplies and installs commercial automatic doors

Commercial automatic doors can be installed in a range of applications. We can assist you in exploring all possible options to suit your specific needs.

Automatic sliding doors feature a powerful, fully automatic sliding door operator, suitable for single, double, telescopic and curved sliding doors. They can be adjusted for the demands of many environments.


  • Exceeds the highest standards regarding safety, durability and flexibility
  • Suitable for many different types of buildings
  • Equipped with an intelligent control system that is easily adjusted for many different environments
  • Space-efficient
  • Plug and play installation
  • Several features to guarantee the safety of users
  • Fire resistant and burglar proof options
  • Escape route, hermetical sealing and inside options

We supply KONE Automatic Sliding Doors

Our automatic sliding doors are suitable for a wide variety of building types, from offices and residential buildings to retail environments and transit centres. They are compact, durable, power saving and can be enhanced with a variety of security and safety options, including burglary-prevention, emergency egress and fireproofing features.


  • Residential buildings
  • Offices
  • Medical facilities
  • Retail environments
  • Transit centres


  • Height Max 2500 mm
  • Width Max 7000 mm
  • Options Manual and automatic

Features and options

  • KONE UniDrive® and KONE UniDrive® Compact operators
  • 3 different profile systems – standard or slim aluminum, full-glass
  • Single and double sliding, telescopic, prismatic and curved, as well as hermetically sealed and gliding options
  • 3 and 6-leaf doors available
  • Customisable for each individual building
  • Wide variety of safety options, including manual switches, motion sensors and access control integration
  • Break out, fire safe, burglar resistant, radiation protection, noise insulating and energy saving options

Total Glass – our guarantee to you

We provide you with a 2 year guarantee with all our work – you will need to keep the tax invoice we provide you as proof of purchase date.

This guarantee covers our work and the products we install.

Bradnam’s glass products that we supply come with a 7 year guarantee. Bradnam’s products are proudly made by Australians in Australia and designed specifically to meet all Australian conditions.

INVISI-Gard products that we supply come with a 10 year guarantee. When installed correctly by a Licensed Dealer, INVISI-GARD meets all of the requirements for Security Doors and Windows as determined by Australian Standards, these being AS5039, AS5040 and AS5041.

If required we can provide you with a Certificate of Compliance to demonstrate that our work complies with Australian Standards AS1288/2006. We guarantee that all our work is fully compliant with this standard.

When we install new glass we ensure that it complies with the Australian Standard AS1288/2006 and with the current Building Code Australia (BCA).

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