Total Glass – shower screens Newcastle

Are tired of your old, chipped or cracked shower screens? Total Glass can replace it with a new more robust and modern glass shower screen that can give a whole new look to your bathroom.

If you are renovating or building a new home call Total Glass to find out the best solutions for you. We provide a free measure and quote, and can provide you with advice based on 32 years of experience in the glass business on the most cost effective solution.

We have a great range of options and provide a very competitive price.

Why switch to a glass shower screen?

  • It can make your bathroom appear larger because the clear glass creates a sense of space
  • Glass is easier to clean than a shower curtain
  • You can create a different style by using clear or frosted glass
  • They last a long time

We have four types of shower screens

  1. Fully Framed:  This is where every panel of the shower screen has a metal frame, including the door. The frame is generally made of anodised aluminium and the glass panels are toughened safety glass. This type of shower screen is very stable and you can choose between a sliding or pivoting door.
  2. Framed Perimeter: This is where only the top, bottom and outer walls of the shower screen have a frame.  These are generally recommended for small showers because the door is not supported by a frame. They can still give you a frameless look.
  3. Semi-framed: For showers where you need more stability we recommend the semi-framed shower screen. It still gives you the minimalist modern look. This type of screen is not suitable for all applications as it is usually something we custom fit.
  4. Frameless: If you want to the truly minimalist look then the frameless shower screen is for you. We use 10mm glass panels because there is no frame to support the glass which means it is a more expensive option. They take longer to install and require more expensive glass.

We supply Danmac Shower Screens

As the centrepiece to the ultimate escape a shower screen designed just for you offers the opportunity to relax, to refresh and to prepare for the day ahead or to wind down after a hectic day.

A shower screen should enhance the overall design and decor of the room. While the functional and practical considerations are always paramount in our designs, our extensive colour range and flair ensures an aesthetically pleasing result for any bathroom.

Our ability to provide quality, custom built products to suit any personal requirement, style or area, make our shower screens highly sought after.

Total Glass – our guarantee to you

We provide you with a 2 year guarantee with all our work – you will need to keep the tax invoice we provide you as proof of purchase date.

This guarantee covers our work and the products we install.

Bradnam’s glass products that we supply come with a 7 year guarantee.

INVISI-Gard products that we supply come with a 15 year guarantee.

If required we can provide you with a Certificate of Compliance to demonstrate that our work complies with Australian Standards AS1288/2006. We guarantee that all our work is fully compliant with this standard.

When we install new glass we ensure that it complies with the Australian Standard AS1288/2006 and with the current Building Code Australia (BCA).

Call Total Glass 0437 515 324 today for a free measure and quote on all your shower screens Newcastle services.